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Volunteer position: Ocean Citizen Science Directory

Volunteer position: Would you like to help us compile a citizen science directory for boaters/coastal communities?

I'm increasingly asked by people who spend time on and by the water for tips on ways they can contribute to marine research or have a more positive impact.

There are so many amazing citizen science projects people can take part in wherever they are, but they don't know how or where to start.

Over the years I've come across lots of projects but no doubt there are tonnes more. I'd like to pull the opportunities together in a simple directory (or pdf or map or or or) that can be freely and easily available.

In the spring we set up a non-profit called Free Range Ocean which uses sailboat Freeranger as a platform for science and storytelling through sailing journeys.

So far we've used it to contribute to a global ocean survey during a transpacific and have some other exciting voyages/expeditions on the horizon.

At talks and events people seem so keen to take action and I feel like this would be helpful. If anyone is interested in getting involved to develop the idea further please let me know!

Larissa // DM or email:

p.s. I'm cruising in BC, Canada but you could be based anywhere to contribute.

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