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Our Ocean Citizen Science Directory is live!

We are thrilled that our ocean citizen science directory for boaters & coastal communities is live on!

This has been a brilliant project to work on with some incredible volunteers around the world.

Special thanks to:

  • Beth Dunstan, Hugo Vancraen, Sara Marolt for your hugely valuable contributions in the design and project research

  • Martine Warburton @ Huskii Studio for the beautiful brand identity and design

  • Duncan @ Phoe Design for being the YES man of coding and development

  • Ben Schwartz for wordsmithing magic with the projects

The idea came about as we were increasingly asked by people who spend time on and by the water for tips on ways they can contribute to marine research or have a more positive impact.

There are so many amazing citizen science projects people can take part in wherever they are, but they don't know how or where to start.

Over the years we've come across lots of projects but no doubt there are tonnes more.

We decided to pull the projects we knew about or had researched into a free directory that can be accessed easily online.

The first version is now live and we will continue to add to it as we discover new projects.

It's a great development for our plans to use our non-profit, Free Range Ocean, and our sailboat Freeranger as a platform for ocean science and storytelling through sailing journeys.

So far we've already contributed to a global ocean survey during a transpacific delivery in 2023 and have some other exciting voyages/expeditions on the horizon.

At talks and events people seem so keen to take action and we hope this will helpful.

Find a project that's right for you!

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