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Ocean Cruising Club talk

We're honoured to be invited to speak at the Ocean Cruising Club 70th Anniversary West Coast celebrations at the Royal Victoria Yacht Club, BC, Canada on May 11th 2024.

It's a fantastic full day of activities including talks by Duncan and Larissa, plus the opportunity to visit Freeranger on the docks at Royal Victoria Yacht Club.

We're giving two presentations on the day.

1:15pm Combating world illegal fishing, where and who it is impacting, global

governance and its surprising gaps, innovative solutions, and how cruisers can be better aware of and contribute positively to the issue.

2:30pm Sailors know all too well the challenges our ocean faces from human

activity - but what to do about it? Can we, as individuals, really make a difference?  Learn about the smorgasbord of citizen science projects around the world that urgently need participation from sailors and sea-going folk, and how you can personally collect and contribute to these rewarding projects as you cruise.

Duncan is a member of the Ocean Cruising Club (OCC), an international organisation for blue water sailors, specifically those who have completed a continuous ocean passage of at least 1,000 nautical miles. Founded in 1954, the OCC provides a network for experienced sailors to share knowledge, experiences, and camaraderie.

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