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A Closer Look! Dockside Citizen Science with Dr Elaine Humphrey

Between May 17-20th we sailed Freeranger to Telegraph Harbour, Thetis Island, BC. We were to take part in the Bluewater Cruising Association rendevous rally and share an update with participating boaters about our plans to sail off into the wide blue yonder with the intention of exploring the world and undertaking some Citizen Science Projects .

It was a wonderful event and there was much discussion about our plans and new citizen science ocean directory along with tips and advice on practical actions boaters could take to green their time on the water.

We're especially grateful for the incredible "Leavers Kit" the BCA Fleet presented us with that was packed with loads of useful goodies from a fire blanket to a USB lighter, clamps, laminated emergency procedures and so much more!

One morning we joined in on the session "Microscopy with Elaine". It was a hands-on session to check out what's on and around the dock, learn some citizen science, and enjoy discovering more about our rich coastal waters! Such a fascinating experience to use nets to scoop alongside the dock and little loupes to see some of the incredible creatures living in the water.

Dr Elaine Humphrey of University Victoria has a tabletop scanning electron microscope (SEM) that Hitachi gave her to go into schools for STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) programs.

When COVID struck Elaine couldn’t go into schools but UVic made available a license for Zoom with 300 connections and remote control. Now she is able to connect to schools even in remote areas.

With our plans to be sailing remote areas of the world and with Starlink on board it should be possible to connect with the SEM from anywhere.

A few of the organisms that Rendezvous participants collected from the dock at Telegraph Harbour Marina are going to be the subject when we test out the system from FREERANGER!

BCA members and BCA friends, especially those who were at the Rendezvous, are invited to connect as well.

Please join Eden of Free Range Ocean and Elaine for this unique Zoom session on Wednesday, May 29, 2024, 3:30-4:30pm PST (Vancouver)

Email us to request the zoom link!

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